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The news that Chicago's Doom finest TROUBLE would be back in discography after their latest release of 2008 ("Simple Mind Condition") was truly a blessing for my ears and I believe for every die-hard TROUBLE fan...
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DangerDog Music Reviews 4.5 / 5.0

Considered one the pioneers of early doom metal, alongside greats like Candlemass, Chicago's Trouble returns with their ninth album, The Distortion Field. While the much of the pure doom metal motif has dwindled over the years, Trouble are still masters of the heavy riff. The Distortion Field sways between classic heavy rock and heavy metal throughout this 13 song, 60 minute epic, with some nods to the stoner side of things.
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DangerDog Music Reviews

9,5/10 in this Examiner review for The Distortion Field....

trouble-reviewLegendary doomsters Trouble make their much anticipated return with "The Distortion Field". Trouble is a band that should be so much bigger than it is, but the cult like following the band has does a good job of showing Trouble the love they so rightfully deserve.First we need to discuss the elephant in the room. This is the bands first release without longtime front man Eric Wagner.....

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