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By Jason Hillenburg 
Ditch your preconceived notions about "heavy metal" at the door, though some of the conventional narrative holds true. By the dawn of the 1980's, an array of tragedies felled the genre's first wave of titans. Deep Purple turned blue in 1976, Sabbath fired Ozzy in 1979, and doubt shrouded Led Zeppelin's future. It is here the conventional narrative runs off the rails. The inordinate focus placed on the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and burgeoning glam scene in Los Angeles obscures the larger reality. Outfits like Exodus, Armored Saint, Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax gleaned much from Sabbath and their English successors, but a populist American approach and strains of punk music informed their early efforts. Other bands like the reconstituted Pentagram and Saint Vitus debuted with primitive masterpieces influenced by punk music as well, but carried Master of Reality-era Sabbath's trademark tempos and dense, detuned riffing to darker sonic worlds than their English heroes had dared to travel. The signatures of this side of the American metal are as indelible on our musical culture of today as the congruent movements that flourished, though perhaps not as fashionable or profitable.. 

Seattle Post Intelligencer Review

"Trouble are back with quite the album in the form of The Distortion Field. This is the first album without vocalist Eric Wagner. Fans need not have worried that they might lose their way. Truth be told this is a far better release than the last effort ..."
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Original post on Blog Critics HERE Heavy Metal Review 4 / 5

... The Distortion Field is a fine example of classic Trouble. Melodic doom/traditional heavy metal equally intertwine on this record, as Trouble step away a bit from some of their prior flirtations with stoner metal, which culminated on 1995's Plastic Green Head. Founding guitarists Rick Wartell and Bruce Franklin pile on the riffs, the tempo range from slow to a medium pace, and Thomas' vocals soar with a great deal of range...
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Rock Choice Review

... The addition of Thomas on vocals rejuvenated the boys and brought a new found energy to the mix. The creative juices were flowing and the ability to expand the song writing with new input and more range makes for a diverse record that combines Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, (with a love song 'Have I Told You' thrown in for good measure). With veteran music Producer Bill Metoyer on board once again lending his expertise, having previously worked with the band on 'The Skull' and 'Trouble' (Both Metal Blade releases) it has all come together, making for the writing and recording of what might just be a near perfect Trouble album.
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Daredevil Records Review 9 / 10

What a surprise. One of the best Doom Metal bands are back with a bang! ...
So far only Doom Metal heads were Trouble followers, right now all HEAVY METAL maniacs have to listen to the mighty TROUBLE! Get this record now!!!
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